Living in a hectic and busy world where work can easily take over your mind and alter your behaviour, it’s important to have a moment to catch your breath, letting the most simple things enrich your life with enthusiasm.

Who are you? What makes you smile? What surrounds you? What are you searching for?

In an exercise of self-awareness, Charms of Simple will gather all kinds of inspirational seeds which I hope will guide you to find answers to these questions.

I am photographing and writing about bits and pieces of life, in the attempt of being more positive and more productive, as I am a very ambitious and curious person. You will find here my impressions on travel, cars — one of my greatest passions, design and lifestyle —sport, beauty, food and fashion.


Hello, I’m Cristiana and I live in Bucharest, Romania.

Urban planner, currently both a B.Architecture and Master of Urban Planning student, creative freelancer, photographer, #badyogi sport-addict, passionate driver and labrador breeder are just some of the things which characterise me. But first of all I am enthusiastic about my work and constantly in search of inspiration.

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